Hi, my name is Chris. I do digital stuff. User Experience Design. Technology. Product Management.

Jobs I've done

Starting in 2008, I have worked for several agencies and companies in Germany. I started as a Creative Web Developer and specialized later on to User Experience Design at the following agencies.

I do digital stuff

My main profession, User Experience Design, benefits from my technical background and hands-on development experience. My concepts will contain feasible technical solutions, and in case of more advanced solutions, even highly technical descriptions and Best-Practices for the Development.

Web Development

Equipped with a B.Sc. in Informatics, I started working as a Developer for different companies. I set my focus on developing web based applications.

I'm a native front- and backend application developer. My frontend toolset consists – among other things – of CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript. For backend development I use PHP 5, different DBMS (MySQL, SQLite) and a variety of SocialMedia APIs. For certain purposes I use frameworks, such as Bootstrap, PhoneGap or jQuery. I also have knowledge about Cluster Computing, such as Data Mining and Machine Learning of Big Data.

User Experience Design

While working as a concept developer for digital agencies, I could consolidate my experience and expertise in several topics.

Concept design for digital media is a creative process that always requires an unique mindset. Depending on the project, I bring in my knowledge in Human-Computer-Interaction, Interaction Design, Information Architecture and Usability Engineering. To ensure high quality, my concepts cover topics such as evaluation, A/B- and crowd tests. To ensure a high quality sustainable product, I am able to design APIs and specify Services.

Product Management

As I took on different roles over the years, I became a product manager. Product management allows you to coordinate a product from scratch and optimize it continuously.

In my opinion a digital product manager is the interface between development and design. It also requires providing an overall vision to all involved employees, since the product manager holds the higher-level control of a product. The most enjoyable part is generating impetus and discover potential for synergy within the team.


My portfolio contains projects and cases for clients from different industry sectors. Please contact me for more detailed insights or check Behance for earlier works.


You can contact me via e-mail or my phone number below. I'm based in Cologne (NRW, Germany) and speak German and fluent English. Currently employed at fotocommunity GmbH as Head of Product Management.